Tennis For Everyone!

Saginaw Athletic Club offers year-round tennis programs, clinics, special events, and one-on-one training from the best professional instructors in the sport. Whether you're new to the game or want to become a champion, there's a program available for everyone at The Club!

Dennis Royal Director of Tennis Operations & Training

Tennis Programs

Youth: Ages 3-5

An introduction to the fundamentals of tennis through basic motor skills, movement, and hand-eye coordination. Kids enjoy fun activities and games. Level: Red ball, 36-foot courts.

Youth: Ages 6-8

Players are introduced to tennis fundamentals through drills and games. Activities are focused on developing skills, agility, balance and coordination, while working on skills for serving, rallying, and games. Level: Red ball, 36-foot courts.

Youth: Ages 8-10

This class is for players with little or no tennis experience. Players are introduced and taught the game of tennis through drills and games. Level: Orange ball, 60-foot courts.

Challenger: Ages 10-12

This level is for players that can rally balls with proficiency and have the ability to maintain proper technique. Level: Green ball, 78-foot courts.

Junior Beginner: Ages 10-17

An introduction for players with little or no previous tennis instruction.

Junior Intermediate: Ages 10-18

This program is designed for players who have some understanding of the game, and may have had little instruction.

Jr. High & High School: Ages 13-18

This program is for players focused on participating in high school tennis. Instruction includes developing singles and doubles skills as well as sound tactical engagement. Participation 2-times per week is recommended.

Elite Tournament Group

An elevated program designed for players that compete in local, sectional, and national tennis tournaments. Players are technically sound and tactically engaged. This program further develops on-court technique, footwork, with strong emphasis on match play and game strategy. (Instructor approval needed)

Adult Beginner

This program is designed for adults with little or no previous tennis instruction. Learn (or reset) basic game techniques, swing patterns, serves, volleys, footwork, and more in a fun, no pressure environment.

Adult Skills & Drills

Programs designed for intermediate to advanced tennis players. We focus on strengthening, groundstrokes, volley, lob, overhead, serving, and more including games and match play situations. Morning and evening classes are available.

Stroke of the Week

Particular tennis strokes are highlighted each week. We focus on developing confident forehands, backhands, volleys, overhead shots, and more.

Match Play

A coach-guided program of practices and simulating tennis matches for both singles and doubles play.

Private Tennis Lessons

Want to take your game to the next level? Take advantage of personalized one-on-one lessons at The Club. Tennis Lesson Group Photo

Summer Sessions

Saginaw Athletic Club, in partnership with Saginaw Country Club, offers the above youth and adult programs outdoors (Indoors during inclement weather) from mid-June through early September.